About Us

Urban Harvest offers a unique service whereby we use the latest in ecological design and permaculture principles to design, set-up and maintain your edible garden for you.

Your food, eaten within minutes of harvest, will be chemical-free,packaging-free, locally produced and will have the highest nutritional value!

By offering an ongoing service, we train you through the seasons in natural farming techniques and are able to establish a healthy, sustainable food production system which is perfectly suited to your environment and needs.

For a free consultation contact Ben:
Cell: 072 474 2977 or email: ben@urbanharvest.co.za

Ben Getz – Managing Director and Founder of Urban Harvest Edible Gardens

I have drawn great inspiration and joy from plants from an early age. I clearly remember the passion with which my grandmother introduced me to violets, honeysuckles, figs, the silver tree and many more. Urban Harvest is the expression of my love for this earth and the understanding that we are each responsible for its wellbeing, just as it is responsible for ours. I believe that by working with nature to create an abundance of healthy, organic and locally grown food in our urban environment we can reawaken a deeper reverence for the earth and practically reestablish a healthier balance in our lives and our lifestyles.

Urban Harvest – Vision

  • To reawaken a culture of self-sufficiency and sustainability, balanced with community spirit
  • To enable urban, private residents and communities to eat, and eventually grow their own, organic food at home.
  • To nourish our clients on every level with a diversity of the freshest, tastiest, chemical-free, and packaging-free fruits and vegetables.
  • To help our clients reestablish a reconnection with, and reverence for The Earth and to facilitate some practical steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • To provide a unique and outstanding natural farming training program to our clients by supporting them hand in hand throughout the seasons until they, and their system is ready for self-sustainability.
  • To inspire and enable a broad-scale shift towards REAL ‘food security networks’ in the urban environment.
  • To provide training and create employment, thus working towards poverty alleviation

Urban Harvest – Ethics & Practice:

  • Urban Harvest pays its employees above average salaries
  • Urban Harvest Uses Permaculture and Natural Farming Principles and works with nature, promoting biodiversity.
  • Urban Harvest nurtures all its seedlings with organically produced earthworm-compost and tea.
  • Urban Harvest uses no-chemicals
  • Wherever possibe Urban Harvest reuses ‘waste materials’ in the design and construction of its gardens. This keeps costs to clients down and reduces waste entering landfills.
  • Urban harvest saves paper by emailing invoices and other communication to clients and when necessary, uses only recycled paper


8 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for a great view of the Somerset West Garden. – a difference to thinking about it but seeing it is only the second stage. Shows what is possible with seldom used space. I love the bright choice of colour for the masonary beds, and the trellisses on the walls.


  2. This is a wonderfull initiative! I really like the part about reestablishing the connection between earth and humans (urbanites) I think that is a crucial part of our humanness that needs to be revived.


  3. oh yes… and thanks for the cellery plant 🙂


  4. […] be sure to have a look at Urban Harvest. Basically, they design, set up and maintain an edible garden for you so you can grow your own […]


  5. Posted by gideon on March 22, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    hi would like to know if there are any vacancies at urban harvest i am currently working in retail been surfing the web hoping to get work in organic farming sector or even get in involved in community projects to learn more about permaculture etc.


  6. Posted by Dave from Durbs on April 8, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    I think this is a fantastic idea with a very well presented package (Going green has to be slickly packaged to appeal to us mass consumers – you’ve hit the nail on the head). I’m a bit worried about the bio-fuelled transport, creating bio-fuel seems to be an ecological disaster waiting to happen, with the agri-corporations becoming the new oil barons! Do you think worm-tea in the tank would do the trick?


  7. Posted by Ronald Schrijver on October 4, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Hi Ben,
    In December we build a eco house in Riebeek Kasteel. We want a rustic farm style green garden with mainly veggies, herbs, fruit-nut trees. And we want chickens, geese and ducks; we already have a mini pig. Our architect John Barret made already the plans. In what stage your service can be implanted?
    Regards, Ronald Schrijver 0823522236


  8. […] The vision of Urban Harvest is “to reawaken a culture of self-sufficiency and sustainability, balanced with community spirit.” Its about bringing REAL food security into the urban landscape, and applying to principles of permaculture to do so. Susan Botha Jakkie Botha […]


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